November 24th, 2007, 10:57 am

FAQ a little faq for all of you.

1- Misteen, do you read other comics on smackjeeves?
- of course I do. Unfortunately I HAVEN'T got a high speed connection, so a page keeps really long time to download. I read them as soon as I can. Usually I feel shame to comment on them when I'm late (also 1 or 2 months) so I don't do it. But sometimes I do.
2- Why the grammar is so bad?
- Cuz I'm ITALIAN. I find a lot of difficulties in writing dialogues in english cuz I don't know idioms and stuff. So please forgive me and don't get angry. I accept the help of everyone.
3- How many chapters will SSE be long?
- I really don't know. Now I've the story for at least other 5 chapters.
4- why style changes sometimes?
- eheh..cuz I'm growing up! Doing exercise in drawing comics makes me become more expert.
5- When are updates?
- Randomly (sooorry, I've said it). they should be twice a week but I live out of my home, far away from my computer. I'll do my best. Long pauses are due to "miscellaneous" reasons. Keep patient please.
6- When are long pauses?
- usually between a chapter and another. but also because it is happening something to me -> a removal, a month far away from home, a great deal of study etc.
7 - Why does Misteen draw from right to left?
- maybe it's something that could bother someone... well, I've been reading manga this way from beginning, it's kinda "logical" I can't do otherwise... it's not that I wanna imitate too much original manga, I can't draw left to right anyway. I'm not pretending to be japanese, if you've ever notice it, I don't write sounds with katakana.

So, people, I'm back for now... updates should be
on monday and thursday-friday but I don't know how
long this arrangment could last... -__-"

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